Best Laid Plans For V-Day

Best Laid Plans For V-Day

22. January 2011

So you're single. Rather than spending "Singles Awareness Day" aka S.A.D. staying in and watching a Lifetime movie of the week, why not take advantage of what is in fact the BIGGEST “hook-up” day of the year for singles?  Not only is it the best day to meet someone, Valentine’s Day is also the best night to go out in the city because it’s the one night of the year you’re almost 100% guaranteed that the “singles” you’re meeting are actually single.

Here are some of my dating tips on things to do on Valentine's Day so that you’re actually looking forward to V-day as a single instead of joining in on the pity party.

1.  Pay For Play. Research Valentine’s Day Singles Parties and local dating events on-line.  We’re throwing two major Valentine’s Day singles parties the weekend before Valentine’s Day so that singles can ideally find a date at the event that will take them out on a first date on Valentine’s Day.  These dating events don’t have to be super expensive and are a great way to meet singles that are also clearly looking to meet someone.  If you’re more of a shy, introvert, make sure to look for a party that is more structured and offers activities like speed dating, dating games, or ice breakers so all of the pressure isn’t on you to go up to people and start conversations on your own.

2.  Girls Night Out.  If a dating service that offers singles events isn’t your scene and you’re looking for a more “organic” way of meeting someone, call up your favorite wing woman, get dressed up and do dinner together somewhere fabulous. Post-dinner, hit some local singles bars and lounges for drinks.  Several singles lounges and bars will be offering “ladies night” drink specials for Valentine’s Day and knowing this, single, savvy guys (the kind you want to meet) will be showing up in droves.  Keep in mind when deciding whom to recruit as your wing woman that you DO NOT want to have more than 1-2 women come out with you.  A group of women (3+) can be intimidating, 2-3 women is still approachable while at the same time not seeming desperate that you’d be hanging at a bar solo on Valentine’s Day looking to meet someone. 

Also keep in mind who you are recruiting to come out with you.  The last person you want to invite is your "Debbie Downer", next-door neighbor that is going to bitch and moan all night about how you guys are going to be single for the rest of your lives! 

If you’re looking to have a good time and are seeking attention, perhaps you shouldn’t invite your hottest girlfriend to come out with you.  “Rachelle” may be a good friend and all, but think about how you feel when you’re out with her.  If you feel invisible and like you’re always second choice with all the guys when you're out with her, then maybe Valentine’s Day isn’t the night to bring your Brazilian supermodel friend out.  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result, I’m just saying!

If you’re looking to meet men on Valentine’s Day here’s another hint…don’t hit the bars with your "gay husband".  Everyone is going to think you guys are together which won’t help either of your causes!  Trust me, it took me like eight years of living in NYC to figure that one out.

If you don’t have a single gf to go out with be pro-active and find one.  Post a platonic ad on Craig’s List looking for a single wing woman to go out with on Valentine’s Day.  I’ve done this before and definitely met some super cool women, some of which I’m still friends with.  My dating agency also offers a  "wing woman" speed networking event where you can meet 10-20 women in one night, one of which who could potentially be your new BFF and Valentine’s Day date.

3.  Milk It! Valentine’s Day is one of the most commercialized holidays ever.  Just because you aren’t in a relationship doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take full advantage of all of the promotions and discounts made available to couples.  Simply recruit your favorite wing woman, "gay husband" or platonic guy friend to take advantage of all of the “couples offers”.  Book a “couples” massage, facial or manicure/pedicure together.  Many restaurants will also be offering amazing tasting menus and special promotions on Valentine’s Day.  As a single gal you definitely want to take full advantage of these types of Valentine’s Day offers.  Use the money you would normally be spending on a significant other and splurge on yourself and/or your friends. 



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